The Agathodaemon Metaverse

The Agathodaemon Metaverse begins with three timelines (four books) that take place parallel to one another: Feather, Eye Teeth/Blood Sigil and Demon in White. These three timelines merge into the fifth book, Feather Bloody Feather.

Sixteen-year-old Feather Wyatt is having a normal summer until her cat, Tyson, is poisoned and dies. Feather uses her powers to bring Tyson back to life but doing so draws the attention of an ancient Evil. An Evil her ancestors have been fighting for millennia. Feather decides this battle will end with her, but she can’t do it alone. She will need the help of those ancestors and the support of her friends and family to make the Evil wish it had left her alone.
Blood Sigil is a direct sequel to Eye Teeth
Alexis attempts to find out what really happened at the mansion while dealing with her friend Jessamyn’s demonic possession. Meanwhile, she has been proclaimed Queen of the Witches while she tries to unravel the mysteries that surround her.