Black Water is out

On Nov 16, I published the novelette I started writing in Greece in September, Black Water.

When I was visiting Santorini, I ran into this German couple while hiking to Skaros Rock.

That’s the female half of the couple in the picture.

It was a really long way down zig-zagging stairs to get here. The ruins are of a castle and you’re not supposed to go beyond the sign. Along the way, I notice water burbling up from the ground. It was cloudy and smelled sulfurous. I walked past the German couple who were taking a breather at the middle of the steps and I made a remark about the water. I thought it might have been an underground volcanic spring, while the female half of the couple said she thought it was toilet.

We made more small talk and they headed back up before I did. I won’t say I went past the sign, but I went past the sign and explored the rock area. (There were others doing the same.) On the way back up, I again encountered the couple and after going past the stink water again, I told the woman she was right. It was definitely toilet.

I continue on my way, taking the path leading to Oia.

Oia is several miles away and I’m just worn out from going up and down the stairs to Skaros Rock and I might have walked a mile before turning around and heading back to Fera (Thera) which is also a few miles away. Of course, I encounter the German couple again. The guy laughs and says hi and we go our separate ways.

The next day, I take the bus to Oia and, you guessed it, more stairs leading down to the sea.

Stairs upper right

I eat lunch right on the water

I had duck for the first time. It was delicious.

I walked along the shoreline until I couldn’t go any further.

Volcanic rockslide

I make my way back up the staircase, which is more brutal than the stairs to Skaros Rock.

About three/quarters of the way up, I’m sweating and exhausted and the sun is hot and beating down on me. I’m leaning against a wall to catch my breath and some familiar people walk by. Th German couple. The guy kind of glanced at me, but I was so beat that it took me a second to recognize him.

Santorini is a small island, but not that small. Especially with the thousands of tourists walking around. It was one of those weird things.

Farewell, German twosome. I hardly knew ye.

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