This website

I am so horrible when it comes to updating this website. There are many outdated things here, book covers, book titles and books that are no longer published as shown.

I prefer writing to marketing, so these types of things tend to get put off. I had procrastinating tendencies, especially when I’d rather be doing something else.

One of these days I will clean up this site, I suppose.

Right now, I am finishing up book 5 in the Agathodaemon Metaverse. The first four books were not originally intended to be connected, but I connected three storylines into one because they are so similarly themed that I thought it a good idea to connect them. Also, I thought it would be pretty cool to have a metaverse.

The new book, as of this posting, will be called Feather Bloody Feather. It is a direct sequel to Feather, Eye Teeth/Blood Sigil and Demon in White (formally Black Water.) The book need not be read in the order I put them in, but it also works out well that way. Also, I think you needn’t read the first four to enjoy Feather Bloody Feather. You will be missing out on some backstory, however.

I am hoping to have the new book out in late June or July.

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