About Me

I was born April 6, 1967 in Portland, Oregon, where I was raised. I dropped out of college in 1987 to pursue writing. After giving up on it numerous times, I finally decided in 2015 to delve back in and vowed never to give up again.

I have written over 30 novels, most of them not published, and several short stories (I should really count them sometime.) I’ve written science fiction, fantasy, horror, historical detective and contemporary fiction. In 2017, I decided to focus on writing horror and most of my stories since then have been of that genre. I created my own “book company,” Adipocere Books. (It’s really just a logo, nothing more.) My motto is “No Tropes,” i.e. I try not to use common elements of horror, like ghosts in the mirror, children manically drawing ghosts, etc. I may not always succeed, but I try. There are a LOT of tropes!

In 2018, Faith Lost was published by Imzadi Publishing. I continue to write and publish independently with the help of my editor Jeanie Creech and my cover artist Rene Lee.

I enjoy travel, history and music. I love doing research even if I’m not using it for a story. I am a bit of a music historian (specifically, rock and roll) and will often use it in my stories. The louder, dirtier and noisier the music, the better!

In 2018, I traveled to Toronto just for the heck of it. I enjoyed the trip (even though it was so frickin’ humid I thought I was going to die) and plan on going somewhere every year. In June 2019, I plan on going to the England, Wales and Scotland for three weeks. I will visit some haunted locations in search of inspiration. The more you experience, the more material you have to write with, after all.

I have a day job that takes up a significant amount of time, but I need it to pay the bills and subsidize my writing career. I’m not trying to be famous, but I would like people to read and enjoy my stories. A little extra pocket money would be nice, of course!