Here are my published works that are not a part of the Agathodaemon Metaverse

Snacks to keep you up at night.
This collection contains the following three stories:

Horace has recurring nightmares that might just be connected to the nearby collapsed train tunnel where several souls are still buried after one hundred years.

Unforeseen Consequences:
Samantha, now an adult, is once again seeing the strange creatures that plagued her as a child. Little does she know that her seemingly uncaring mother has been helping her all along.

Agreement/No Agreement:
While jogging, a stray dog leads Travis to a decrepit house in the forest. When he walks inside, the place looks lived in, the TV still on, a cigarette burning in an ashtray, but seemingly abandoned. However, what he discovers in the basement will change his life forever.
Americans in Europe
La Fille Troglodytique
Payge moves to France to work for her Aunt Stacy’s farm where she discovers a secret that links prehistory to the present, unleashing dark forces that threaten life as she knows it.

Elvis goes mudlarking on the Thames with his daughter Parker and discovers a piece of tentacled figurine wherein resides a supernatural being that will kill them both unless they can stop it.

The Caledonophile
Marjorie arrives in Scotland to meet up with her husband only to find him missing. Last seen with a young girl that is not their daughter, authorities cannot locate either one. Marjorie does not know where her husband is but suspects the mysterious tower ruins in the forest is a major clue.

In order to escape his troubled home life, Kelton runs off to Europe to clear his head. Whilst in North Macedonia, a chance encounter throws him into a world of confusion where he cannot leave town no matter how hard he tries. When he finally discovers how to end the cycle, he is horrified at the method: he must kill someone.