The Book Of Curses


Supernatural powers and the will to break a centuries-old curse collide when a man searches for the book containing the spell that will free him.

The family of Dan Briggs has been cursed for three centuries and must find the remedy, written in The Book of Curses. Dan confronts the ghost witch who originated the curse and he and his sister, Sarah, are banished to a private purgatory existing between the living and dead. They encounter ancestors-a Puritan, his daughter, and a Revolutionary War soldier-as Dan’s girlfriend, Lettice, searches for the book.

Advance fifty years: The book has not been found and Lettice’s granddaughter, Kalendra, befriends a college classmate who coincidentally lives in Dan’s house. Dan contacts them, but his appearance calls forth the ghost witch and a warlock. The roommates enlist the aid of Ian and they locate the book in the library of Ian’s uncle, the warlock. Dan, Sarah, and the ancestors are freed from the spell, but are now being pursued by a warlock. It’s Dan’s job to stop him, if he can find out how.