Short story collection

Soon I will be publishing a collection of 6 horror stories. The first 3 will be brand new stories and the last 3 will be previously published stories. I don’t have a title for the collection yet, but the stories will be:

Mr. Pall (new)

Scott’s Old Philco (new)

The Blood Bees of Ankeny Row (new)

First Gold

Opopanax Lighthouse

Penelope’s Vines

This collection will be published independently through Amazon.


May 17, 2018 News

Not only am I working on the third installment of the Reclamation Project horror short story series, I’ve been having new covers done for some old stories and I changed the name of Artist Rendering to Tehachapi.

The big news is I have been offered a publishing contract from a publishing company for Faith Lost. Because of that, I have removed the title from the market. I have not yet signed the contract yet — it’s being mailing to me — so I will not say who it is with.

I’m also working on a new short story I’m calling “Scott’s Old Philco” and hope to write a couple more. I’m planning on publishing a collection of shorts, some new and some old. Plus, I’m working on a horror novel called “Feather.”


I am in the process of adding my work to Smashwords, but it’s going to take some time. I have to wait for KDP to expire on most of them and it’s going to be a couple months. Below is the dates KDP expires on the works I intend to add to Smashwords:

Reclamation Project 2 – 3/26

Faith Lost – 4/18

Strike Aura – 4/18

First Gold – 4/20

Opopanax Lighthouse – 5/17

Artist Rendering – 6/14

In the future, I suspect I will not be signing up for KDP on Amazon and will be able to add works to Smashwords at the same time.

Current WIPs

Early last week I started three new stories in the same day. Might be a first for me. The first is a collaboration between me and another author on a new subject for me: zombies. It’s not going to be your typical mindless, standing around, moving in groups kind of zombie. These zombies will be smart, intelligent and can attack with weapons. They still want to kill and eat you, though.

The second story is about a girl who sees ghosts and can bring the dead back to life. Not going to say much more on that right now.

The third story is the third in the Reclamation Project short story series. This one is going to tie the first and second ones together.

As always, I am trying to find ways of getting my work noticed and reviewed and improving in any way I can. If you read something of mine and like it, please don’t hesitate to at least rate it highly, if not write a review. Every rating and review helps and spurs me on to keep writing.